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About me

I spent 15 years working at tech companies, hoping to become someday my own boss. I tried two times to create a career as a freelance consultant and make a living out of it but I failed. I was frustrated. Then in 2017, I discovered Airtable. I was working at a startup, my team needed an app to manage our clients. I discovered Airtable and built a working solution in a few hours. I literally fell in love with the tool In 2018, I quit and started freelancing as Airtable consultant. It was not easy. 5 years later, I earn more than I used to as an employee. I run a boutique Airtable professional service agency and a training program for Airtable creators.

What I do

Currently running two businesses around Airtable


Need to build a custom information systems for your business with Airtable?


airmakers academy

Want to learn Airtable and become an Airtable professional creator ?